Thefts by Type of Cargo and Location, World, 2019

Thefts by Type of Cargo and Location World 2019

Source: BSI & TT Club Cargo Theft Report 2020.

Cargo theft during the transportation process is an enduring issue, in developed and developing economies alike. While the median value of thefts was around $80,000 in North America, it was around $12,000 in Asia. This difference mainly reflects the reported commercial value of the stolen goods. Goods that have an immediate value and a market appeal, such as food and beverage, electronics, and alcohol, are the most common target.

In terms of location, in-transit is the most common event, particularly in developing economies where trucks can be hijacked. Theft in rest areas or while the vehicle is parked often represents opportunistic events. Thefts taking place in a warehouse or a freight facility are more complex and require a level of planning. Many thefts are associated with the complicity of a worker, underlining the importance of screening employees.