Some Legislations in the Deregulation of Transport in the United States and Canada

1967CanadaNational Transportation Act
1977USAAir Cargo Deregulation Act
1978USAAviation Deregulation Act
1980USAStaggers Act; Motor Carrier Act
1982USABus Regulatory Reform Act
1984USAOcean Shipping Act
1987CanadaNational Transportation Act; Shipping Conference Exemption Act; Motor Vehicle Transport Act
1991USAIntermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
1995USAInterstate Commerce Commission Termination Act
1996CanadaCanada Transportation Act
1998USAOcean Shipping Reform Act
2001CanadaCanada Shipping Act

Source: adapted from T.D. Heaver (2004) “Transport Sector Policies in the NAFTA Region: Lessons for China, Japan and Korea”, in 2004 EWC-KOTI Conference A Design for Northeast Asian Transport Market Integration: The Cases of ASEAN and NAFTA, The East-West Center and the Korea Transport Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii, 16-17 August.