Concorde Supersonic Services, 1976-2003

Concorde Services 1976 2003

Source: Adapted from “Concorde Chronology“.

The Concorde represents the only supersonic commercial service to be implemented in 1976 and was abandoned in 2003 after close to 30 years of operations. Interestingly, the four cities with regular Concorde service throughout its lifetime were London and Paris – the hubs for the two flag carriers whose governments had funded the project – and New York and Washington – the financial and political capitals of the United States. Other services were attempted, albeit for a short duration, as they turned out to be economically unprofitable. The short-lived services to Dallas and Singapore were undertaken as joint services with Braniff and Singapore Airlines, respectively. The most enduring service outside the London-Paris-New York-Washington core was a winter-only service between London and Bridgetown (Barbados), an upscale tourist destination and former British colony.