Thefts by Type of Cargo and Location, United States, 2016

Thefts by Type of Cargo and Location United States 2016

Source: FreightWatch International.

Most of the cargo theft in the United States takes place in gateway areas, particularly around Los Angeles, New York / New Jersey, and South Florida. Electronics and Food / Beverages account for the majority of thefts since this type of cargo readily finds purchasers on the black market. The average theft value is about $500,000 per incident, but this varies by the type of cargo. For instance, pharmaceuticals have the highest theft value per incident, more than $3 million.

Truck stops and unsecured facilities account for the dominant locations where thefts take place. Surprisingly, secured parking facilities account for one-quarter of the incidents, underlining a higher level of organization and planning and, on some occasions, the complicity of personnel. Most of the thefts in the United States involve non-violent means where the cargo is stolen as its custodians (e.g. driver, warehouse personnel) are not present or distracted. However, in countries such as Mexico, violent hijacking account for more than 70% of cargo theft incidents.