Modal Shares of World Trade by Volume and Value, 2008

Modal Shares of World Trade by Volume and Value 2008

Source: IHS Global Insight, Inc., World Trade Service. Does not include intra-EU trade.

Long-distance trade is supported by transportation modes in different capacities and capabilities, leading to a specialization in terms of volumes and values. In volume, maritime shipping is the main support of international trade, accounting for about 90% of all the tonnage carried, but for 73% of the value of trade. This underlines that most cargo carried by maritime transportation is of lower value (e.g. bulk minerals). Still, several maritime trades involve high-value goods such as those carried in containers (e.g. retail goods). In terms of value, air transportation shows a much higher share than if measured by volume since it only accounts for 0.25% of the volume but 13% of the value of trade. Air transportation typically carries high value to volume cargoes such as electronic goods, and what is carried overland (road and rail) is a mix of cargoes.