On Dock Intermodal Rail Facility, Port of Veracruz

On Dock Intermodal Rail Facility Port of Veracruz

Photo: Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, 2012.

An on-dock intermodal rail terminal is located adjacent to a port terminal and does not require the container to exit the terminal’s gate to be loaded on a unit train. It does not necessarily mean that the facility is directly located on the dock (although many are) but that the rail terminal is directly accessible by yard equipment such as straddle carriers or bobtail trucks. It is an integral part of the terminal facility, including being within its security perimeter. About 10% of the containers handled by the port of Veracruz are moved inland by rail, with the Mexican rail system supporting double-stacked operations. This terminal facility was closed in 2019 when the container terminal (ICAVE) was relocated to the new port facilities. The new container terminal also has an on-dock rail facility.