BNSF Logistics Park Terminal, Joliet, Illinois

BNSF Logistics Park Terminal Joliet Illinois

Source: Base map from Google Earth.

The rail terminal of BSNF Logistics Park, in the suburbs of Chicago (60 km southwest), is the largest intermodal terminal in North America. It is a typical example of contemporary intermodal requirements that have been integrated into the terminal design in terms of its form and configuration. The site is a reconversion of an Army munitions depot where more than 2,000 acres were sold to Centerpoint properties for the development of a logistics site and 620 acres sold to BSNF for the development of a rail terminal that was completed in 2002. The terminal includes all the components of a modern intermodal site in a typical rectangular shape.

In addition to the common elements of the intermodal yard, namely the storage area, chassis depots, and access gates (separate entry and exit locations), it also includes classification yards and a car terminal. Since this terminal is at the end of the transcontinental corridor (LA/LB – Chicago axis), its business model is highly linked with the Asia trade, particularly its import component; Japanese and Korean cars are transited in large volumes.