Regional Sales of Boeing 747s

Regional Sales of Boeing 747s, 1960s-2000s

Source: based on data available from “Orders and Deliveries”,

Although the 747 was initially designed primarily with the transatlantic market (the 747-100 had a range of about 9,500 km), it ultimately became the definitive transpacific carrier. After introducing the long-range Boeing 747-400 in the late 1980s (range of about 13,000 km), which made it suitable for non-stop transpacific services, Asian carriers accounted for the majority of B747 sales. The last 747-400 was delivered in 2009, which marked the end of the business cycle of the series. In 2011, the first deliveries of the 747-8, a new generation of the series, took place. The 747-8 comes both as a cargo and passenger version. As of 2015, 89 747-8 have been delivered.