World Energy Production, 2019

World Energy Production in Million tons oil equivalent 2016

Note: Share of Exajoules produced. Source: Energy Information Agency.

Since the 1970s, the global energy supply has increased by a factor of 2.6 (from 230 ExaJoules in 1970 to 606 Exajoules in 2019). The share of oil fell from 44% to 31% between 1971 and 2010 and remained within this range since then to still represent the largest source of energy use. Coal remains the second most used source, has been steadily declining., particularly in advanced economies. The growth of natural gas has been consitent, from 16% in 1971 to 23% in 2019. Fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas, and coal, remain the dominant source of energy; around 80.9% of the energy produced. However, in recent years the share of renewables has increased.