Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

DallasFort Worth International Airport

Source: Background image from Google Earth.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Airport (DFW) is located about 28 km (20 miles) from the respective city centers of Dallas and Fort Worth. It represents a unique example of airport integration along an urban corridor. The five terminals (A to E) are oriented along a north/south axis with a highway running along this axis. Considering the importance of the car in the North American context (particularly in Texas), vast parking spaces are available at each terminal and also in the northern and southern extremities of the airport which are used for long-term parking.

A series of connected terminals in the form of half circles sets this airport apart from other large airports. An automatic train network links each terminal and the airport hotel. Essentially, each terminal functions as its own airport with its own parking facilities, restaurants, shops, baggage claims, custom clearance, and ticketing counters. Of the five terminals, terminal D serves most of the international airlines.