Maritime Shipping Characteristics

 Tramping / CharterLiner Shipping
 Transportation Demand
Number of shippersFewMany
Quantity carriedLargeSmall
Freight densityHigh (weight)Low (volume)
Unit valueLowHigh
Regularity of demandLowHigh
 Transportation Supply
ContractVesselFreight (bill of lading)
Main vessel typesLiquid and bulkGeneral cargo (mostly containerized)
Frequency of servicesLowHigh
Freight typeLiquid and main bulk commoditiesMinor bulk and general cargo (containerized)
ServicesSupply / demand regulationPrior to demand
Freight elasticityLowLow
Main marketsDeveloping / developed countriesDeveloped / developed countries
 Share in Maritime Transport (2000)

Source: adapted from P. Cariou (2003) Co-operation agreements in Liner Shipping. Maritime Shipping Characteristics.